SoundCord Terms of Service

By using the SoundCord bot and website, you agree to the following terms. Failure to abide by these will result in being blacklisted from the bot.

1. Exploitation of the Bot and Related Services

Do not attempt to exploit the bot in any way. This can include but is not limited to:

Attempting to get free premium/plus by exploiting PayPal's payment system
Attempting to bypass the premium/plus-only command restrictions
Attempting to make the bot run arbitrary code (e.g. usingeval to find the bot token)

2. Premium

Premium users are not exempt from any set of rules imposed by this document. Refunds are also available, but they have some guidelines. You are not allowed to re-sell premium accounts.

2a. Refunds

Refunds are only available on a certain set of terms:

If you were unable to use the bot for some reason or another (except for if you were blacklisted, see below) you may receive a refund.
If you were blacklisted from the bot after breaking the rules imposed by this document, you may NOT receive a refund.